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The campsites of the Camping Cres & Lošinj brand aim to ensure you have a memorable holiday thanks to numerous innovations introduced for the 2022 season

As one of the largest tourism companies in Croatia, Jadranka turizam d.o.o. continues with its camping business investment cycle and is already working hard on preparations for the opening of the campsitesin 2022.

The most important innovations for the 2022 season are:

Čikat campsite

The largest and most popular campsite of the Camping Cres-Lošinj brand, Čikat campsite, now has a number of  new accommodation units - Freedhome mobile homes and Glamping tents, which will be available for the 2022.




Freedhome Mobile Homes

These feature a luxurious and functional design which provides an incredible sense of comfort similar to your own home but located in the enchanting, pristine natural surroundings of the campsite. There are 15 of these new mobiles homes in addition to existing mobile home types

In comparison to the existing mobile home type, the new types have a bathroom next to each bedroom. The new mobile homes will be located on the opposite, west side of the campsite, within the existing campsite complex, and will have their own covered parking.

Glamping Tents

Completing the package of existing accomodation units (mobile homes and pitches), Camp Cikat for the 2022 seaon features 10 new luxury glamping tents with three different types available to choose from: Family Premium, Premium and Couple. All of the Glamping tents have a modern design and provide the ultimate in comfort and are equipped with a bedroom (number of rooms depends on the model), private bathroom, kitchen and a spacious terrace. The Glamping tents will be located in a unique and attractive location in the shade of a pine forest and close to the sea and the beach. These tents will be ready for their first guests in early June.

If you also wish to stay in  one of our glamping tents, send us an enquiry or book online now


Other innovations worthy of note for the 2022 season include:

  • reconstruction of the beach facility, which will further expand the catering offer
  • renovation of Standard pitches which will be completely horticulturally decorated in the 2022 season
  • improvement of access to the mobile homes and renovation of the Freedhome mobile home zone (arrangement of the access road to the covered parking lot)
  • the second phase of improvements to the employee accommodation area and setting up seven new mobile homes

Slatina campsite

In addition to the existing 75 mobile homes owned by our partner, the Gebetsroither agency, the 2022 season campsite offer will include 15 of our own Freedhome mobile homes. Freedhome mobile homes will thus be the most luxurious houses in the campsite's offer.

Mobile homes have proven to be extremely popular in Camp Čikat in recent years, and as a consequence Camp Slatina now benefits from being able to offer the same dose of luxury and comfort to its own guests. The Freedhome mobile homes will be located near Slatina cove, within the existing mobile home complex in the eponymous location.

If you wish to stay in the new Camp Slatina Freedhome mobile homes,  send us an enquiry  or book now.

Baldarin campsite

In one of the most attractive locations in the campsite, and below the mobile home complex near the sea, there will be a range of new terraced Superior Mare and Superior pitches. The pitches will be equipped with electricity and water connections, covering over 100m2 and are spacious enough to accommodate even the largest campers.

Bijar campsite

The last planned investment in the campsite, but no less important, is to improve working conditions for existing and future employees. New mobile homes are being set up in the employee accommodation area to provide employees with comfortable and high-quality accommodation, and as such as Bijar campsite has become one of the favourite places, not only for vacationing but also for working.


Please note, that works are underway in our campsites to finalise the new innovations. We ask all guests, whether they have already booked with us are are planning t book with us, for your patience and understanding. We apologize in advance for the above situation, however rest assured that the works in the campsite will not interrupt your camping holiday.


 On the way to the Slatina campsite in the Miholašćica settlement, works are being carried out on the main road. Ongoing works are being carried out on the water supply network, as part of the largest infrastructure project in the Cres-Lošinj archipelago, a project aimed at improving the water and communal infrastructure of the Cres, Martinšćica, Nerezine, Mali and Veli Lošinj agglomerations (investor Vodovod i čistoća Cres & Lošinj d.o.o.). We apologize to our guests for this situation, which is beyond our control, and we ask for your patience and understanding.

The road to the campsite is open and passable, but drive carefully and adjust your speed to the road conditions. According to the investor, the expected completion of the works is in the middle of June 2022.

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