There is no doubt that Croatia is one of the leading camping destinations in the world with a wide range of camping options and facilties to suit any preference or style of camping. But have you ever considered the spring for camping in Croatia? Or what about visiting Croatia - camping in the autumn particularly during September and early October? Don't laugh! There are some very good reasons to visit Croatia during May, September or October, particularly if you pick Cres or Lošinj for your camping holiday! 

Here are five of them:

Reason 1: A mild and healthy climate

Spring or autumn camping in Croatia, particularly on Cres and Lošinj, doesn't have to mean sheltering in your tent from the cold. In fact, its quite the opposite! Lošinj in particular is well known for its mild and healthy climate, a climate that is ackowledged to positively help with respiratory problems. Be it Cres or Lošinj that takes your fancy for a spring or autumn camping break, you won't be cold.

... its warm in Cres in the spring and the autumn

Cres is known for its mild climate with an average air temperature during May a pleasant 19 degrees Celsius, climbing to 21 degrees in September, with October a little colder at 16 degrees. The average sea temperature in May is around 17 degrees climbing to a respectable 20 degrees towards the end of the month, with the September average coming in at 22 degrees and October at 19 degrees - meaning that on average, in autumn its warmer in the sea than out of it, so go take a warm bath while you are camping in Cres!

... and its warmer in Losinj, particularly in September

Losinj also has a mild climate with May averaging 18 degrees (air temperature), September typically brings an average of 20.5 degrees and October just under 17 degrees. Sea temperatures for May are on average 17 - 20 degrees  Celsius with September recording a more than pleasant 22 degrees sea temperature and October a still bearable 19 degrees. Average sunshine hours during the spring (May) are around 9.4 hours a day (293 hours in total) with the autumn producing 8.2 hours a day (246 in total) in September and 5.9 hours (182 in total) during October.

Reason 2: Spring and autumn camping is more peaceful

Some holidaymakers like the hustle and bustle of a busy camp or a lively town centre - and some want the exact opposite - peace and quiet. Did you know that on average there are arround 75% fewer camping holidaymakers on Cres and Lošinj during the spring and autumn? If you happen to be one of those people who want a peaceful holiday then consider whether the following suits you:

  • beaches that are not crowded with tourists
  • a campsite where you can pick and choose exactly the right camping pitch for you
  • low levels of traffic and noise both in the campsite or in the nearest town centre
  • restaurants that will fall over themselves to seat you where you want and provide you with unhurried service all night long
  • all of the above without compromising on the facilities you could wish for to have a wonderful camping holiday in Croatia - including regular (non-crowded) ferry services, parks, museums and tourist sights with no queues or hustle and bustle

Reason 3: Its cheaper to camp in Croatia during the autumn or spring

So far we have a nice climate and a peaceful environment. Add to this a cheaper holiday! There are often lots of special offers available for a camping holiday outside of the peak months, so why not take advantage of them and save some money without compromising on the quality of your holiday. 

Reason 4: Do you enjoy mountain biking, cycling or hiking?

If you do, then combining your spring or autumn camping holiday in Croatia with your passion for bikes or walking is an ideal combination. The best time for a bike ride or to hike is during spring and the autumn when its not too hot, but warm enough to enjoy the outdoor experience. Both Cres and Lošinj have a wealth of hiking and biking trails to explore, some of which can be be found below:

  • Mountain biking trail ideal for spring or autumn adventures
  • Cres hiking trails
  • Lošinj hiking trails

In addition, the island of Lošinj has an island-wide infrastrucure project aimed at upgrading cycling facilities, including trails and scenic views accessible by bicycle, as well as providing more bike equipment and repair shops.  

Reason 5: Spring and autumn activities, events and festivals

From picking your own wild asparagus in the spring and collecting wild mushrooms in the autumn, through to a variety of fun events held in both seasons, there won't be a shortage of things to do and see. Your local campsite staff will be able to tell you about everything thats going on at the time, but in the meantime here are a few ideas to whet your appetite:

  • Festival of Wind Orchestras
  • Losinj Juniors Cup in September
  • International bagpipe festival in May
  • Lošinj cuisine festival
  • Half marathon in April
  • Days of Cres lamb and olive oil
What are you waiting for?

Good weather thats also therapeutic; in a peaceful environment thats not crowded with other tourists; at a cheaper price than peak season; and with lots to do and see - spring or autumn camping on Cres or Lošinj is something not to be missed. Why not make a reservation now?

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