You enjoy taking long strolls on the beach with your loved one or perhaps you prefer an activity holiday? In either case Lošinj is perfect for you. The Lošinj archipelago boasts a variety of lively places, archaeological sites, chapels and dazzlingly beautiful coves waiting to be discovered. Over 220 km of walking and cycling trails are winding through Lošinj and its neighboring islands and for those who would rather go kayaking or engage in some other water sports, options are many. Čikat, Bijar, Baldarin and Slatina are surrounded by promenades and walking trails. The routes range from seaside promenades ideal for a relaxing stroll and suitable for everyone to hiking trails for passionate mountaineers.

Clear your lungs

Čikat, Bijar and Baldarin campsites make a great start for any walking or cycling adventure.

To fill your lungs with fresh seaside air, go for a leisurely walk through an oasis of pine trees in Čikat and Sunčana uvala or visit Punta Križa and the Baldarin campsite. Favorable climate is one of the main reasons our guests are so loyal to Lošinj and its surroundings. As you wander the island forests you may come across farm animals, sheep, and donkeys and even spot the occasional deer, especially in Punta Križa.

Enjoy the island's healing benefits

While walking or riding a bike you will feel the lovely scents of some of the 1018 plant species growing on the island. Lošinj officially became a healing center in 1982, after being popular for its favorable climate for a long time. The island's climate and beneficial properties are phenomenal. Walking trails on the westerly side of the island are suitable for everyone. They continue toward Sunčana uvala and Čikat from where you can proceed to the port and town center.
To continue exploring the island, right away or after having a good night's sleep, take the route stretching along the easterly side of the island across Kadin and Zagazinjine all the way to Veli Lošinj.

And all that time you will be walking alongside the sea. The same routes are excellent for cycling as well.

Be adventurous

For those eager to discover more, there is the southernmost point on the island accessible by a tarmac road - Cape Korna - just opposite Ilovik.

The adventurous can start from the Bijar campsite and climb Osorščica reaching Televrin, the highest point of the island at 588 m above sea level. If you are not staying in Bijar, but in another campsite, you can reach Osor or Nerezine by car, bus or bike and continue on foot all the way to the top to enjoy the unforgettable panorama of the entire Lošinj archipelago. On the way up you should visit the cave of St. Gaudentius, the patron saint of Osor. Tradition says that Gaudentius drove the venomous snakes from the island so to this day here are none on the entire island.

Do not forget to pack sufficient amount of water when going on a walk or a ride and make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear.

Come to Lošinj and prepare for an activity holiday!

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