The climate of Cres is largely affected by its position and relief. The north part of the island of Cres is hilly, with a steep and indented coast and relatively deep sea. The 45th parallel runs across the island, which results in such climate. The north part of the island of Cres is within Kvarner Bay and more exposed to bora (northeast wind) so snow can often be seen in this part. The south part of the island is lower and more protected, belonging to the Mediterranean zone thanks to the beneficial effect of the sea, having a mild climate with plenty of sun, hot dry summers and rainy winters and autumns.

Pleasant summer temperature

The average air temperature in summertime is 24 °C. The sea temperature sometimes reaches 25 °C in summertime, but the average summer sea temperature is a pleasant 22 °C.

Most frequent winds are the abovementioned bora (northeast wind), sirocco (south wind) and mistral (northwest wind) that will cool you in the afternoon.

Cres is surrounded by a mountainous frame of mainland and the sea. This is why it has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with continental influences and it is very pleasant to stay on the island in summertime, whilst Croatian camping in September and the autumn is pleasant too.. It is a well known fact that the sea has an important function in maintaining the temperature of the nearby mainland. The sea cools the island in summertime and warms it in winter, so the mean annual temperature is 14.4 °C. The south part of the island of Cres, where two of our camps are located, is covered with abundant Mediterranean underbrush and holm oak and pine forests.

A climate beneficial to health

Combined with the natural vegetation, the pleasant Mediterranean climate is for good for health. You will surely benefit from the fresh air with influences of sea salt and abundant vegetation. This is why the Cres-Lošinj area is believed to be suitable for treating respiratory diseases. If you hike or engage in sports actively during your stay, even for a few days, you will feel as if you have cleared your airways and you will breathe to the fullest.

Stay in our camps and take advantage of the beneficial climate on the Cres and Lošinj islands!

Mean monthly sea  (°C), Cres

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
min. 12.3 11.8 12.1 14.0 16.6 20.5 23.2 23.6 21.6 19,2 16.3 13.9 17.0

Monthly Air temperatures (°C), Cres

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
avg. 7.9 8.3 10.0 14.3 18.8 22.6 22.0 24.4 20.4 16.4 12.6 9.0 16.9
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