The island of Cres in Croatia is the northern island within the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago. Having an area of 405 km2, it is the largest island in Croatia together with Krk and its length of 66 km makes it the second longest one, after Hvar.

No stress - good connections for a good journey

Cres Island is connected to the mainland via two ferry routes: Valbiska-Merag – the ferry route connecting the island of Krk and the island of Cres, and the Brestova-Porozina route connecting the peninsula of Istria with the island of Cres.

Glorious and varied landscapes

The indented and 248 m long coast in the south and west parts of the island hides a number of beautiful bays and beaches, while the coast in the north and to the east is steep.

The highest peaks on the island, Gorice (648 m) and Sis (638m), provide a magnificent view of Kvarner and the neighbouring islands. While climbing to the peaks or just strolling down numerous promenades on the island, you can inhale the aromas of over 1300 island plant species, some of which are endemic. You can also visit the ornithological reserve. As it happens, the island of Cres is one of the last habitats to a rare bird species – the griffon vulture.

Vrana Lake in the centre of the island is the only source of drinking water for Cres and Lošinj and other islands of the archipelago, their residents and tourists. The lake is also an unusual natural phenomenon – the water level is above the level of the surrounding sea and its bottom is below the level of the sea bottom, at 74 meters.

The island of Cres is separated from the island of Lošinj by an 11 m wide channel and connected with it by a bridge in Osor.
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