From a large and cosmopolitan town like Mali Lošinj, through to charming small villages like Punta Križa, the island of Lošinj has a wonderful tropical feel to it. Explore its towns and experience a very unique island.

Mali Lošinj

The largest town in Kvarner Bay. The beginnings of Mali Lošinj date back to the 12th century when it gradually developed into a port town. In late 19th century, they discovered the therapeutic effect of the island climate and the island was transformed into a trendy Austro-Hungarian winter health resort. It is situated in a protected bay surrounded by white houses with red roofs, a church and a typical bell tower… This is how you should imagine Mali Lošinj. The modern-day Mali Lošinj has a hospital, a pharmacy, a police station, a post office, a shipyard, banks, stores and attractive bars & restaurants along the shore. The newly reconstructed square next to the port invites us to stop for a while.

Veli Lošinj

It is located 4 km southeast of Mali Lošinj. Right at the entrance to the port rises an impressive baroque parish church with a bell tower. High facades in the port and richly decorated villas with abundant gardens are a special feature of the town. Numerous exotic and unusual plants were brought by seafarers from their faraway journey.


A settlement in the central part of the island of Lošinj, at an elevation of 70 meters. The Betanija Pastoral Center of the Krk Bishopric is located here and is used as a spiritual retreat with seminars. Close to Ćunski are several beaches like Liska Slatina, Kurila beach etc.


This small settlement on the island of Lošinj was inhabited in the 14th century and is known as a fishermen’s village with numerous historic buildings.


In the times when intensive sailing took place along the coast, this ancient town developed into an important location for seafarers because of its protected harbor and plenty of small bays. In addition, the bishop had his seat in Osor, so we still find remains of the past all around. In summertime, art events and the famous ‘’Osor Musical Evenings’’ turn this small town in one of the favorite spots on the island. This small place is known also as the „museum town“ because of the many sculptures spread around this charming place. The island of Lošinj is reachable via a moving bridge.

Punta Križa

As this village is located on an elevation, a sea view is provided all around. Punta Križa is an intersection of village routes leading to various shepherd settlements. As it is far from the main road and it is only accessible by a winding road, peace and rest are guaranteed. You will experience nature in a wonderful littoral oak and holm oak forest and see some wild animals. It is very common to see wildlife animals such as deers, rabbits etc.


Located on the island of Cres, but administratively belonging to the island of Lošinj, it is south of Vrana lake at an elevation of 130 meters.
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