• "My son will turn 10 years old this week. When he was 6 months old, he had two bronchitides. His breathing was difficult and his physician decided he had to go to the hospital. There they discovered that he also had serious food allergies. We switched to a demanding diet and he was also taking Flixotid and Ventolin. Whenever he would get a cold, he would have difficulties breathing and we would regularly go to the hospital for check-ups. He was also diagnosed with asthma. They gave him additional medications including corticosteroids to make his breathing easier. He was often given oxygen because he could not breathe without it. His physician suggested we go to Mali Lošinj because she thought the climate there would help our child. Since then, we have been visiting Mali Lošinj regularly. Each summer his breathing gets better and easier without major difficulties. He no longer needs medicine. We spend almost 2 months each summer at the Čikat camp because the climate is good for him. He spends his time outside breathing the fresh air enriched with the scents of various herbs. We walk along the shore among the pine trees and we swim in the beautiful sea. His lungs clear up right away and his coughing has visibly diminished. We take every opportunity we get to go to the Čikat camp. We usually go there in September, October and during the holidays in May. When we return, our son finds it easier to get through the autumn and winter days. There is a lot of moisture in the air at that time, but he does not have many difficulties any more. His physician is delighted with his recovery. I am certain we will keep coming back to Lošinj because of his health. I would recommend Mali Lošinj to every child and to all the people who have certain breathing difficulties." - V. T., Slovenia

  • "My son will turn 6 years old in September. When he was 6 weeks old, he got bronchitis. His breathing was very difficult, and he was given oxygen and Ventolin. He frequently had bronchitis and his physician recommended we go to Mali Lošinj. We have been coming to Mali Lošinj since he was 8 months old. Each summer his breathing gets better and easier without major difficulties. We stay there for almost 2 months and we spend our days outside in the fresh air. We often walk along the beach and swim. Each time we arrive, he has serious coughing spells, but after a few days, his lungs clear up and his coughing stops. When we return home he finds it easier to cope with his breathing problems during the autumn. The Lošinj climate is definitively helping him. We go to the Čikat camp whenever we can. We go there in September, October and during the holidays in May. I would recommend Lošinj to everyone with breathing difficulties." - M. P., Slovenia

  • "I have been spending many vacations in Mali Lošinj and I feel comfortable in that climate. What I particularly like is that the discomfort I feel diminishes when I vacation in Lošinj. The function of my lungs on vacation has increased in the last few years. My condition would improve during the summer and worsen during the winter. This is why my physician always recommends that I spend as much of my vacation there as possible. With my pension I can spend up to 12 weeks in Lošinj, my second home. I have been coming here for 40 years." - I. H., Austria

  • "Based on a recommendation by our paediatrician, we have been vacationing in the Čikat camp since 2013. Our daughter's chronic bronchitis has significantly improved since then. The climate, the air and the beautiful sea played a significant role in that." - M. P., Germany

  • "Based on a recommendation by our friend, this year we spent 2 weeks at the Čikat camp. The Mediterranean climate, crystal clear sea and fresh air have made a significant contribution to the improvement of his condition." - M. S., Germany

  • "My family and I have visited the Čikat camp six times already due to my sister's allergy. The climate in Mali Lošinj helps her skin and we simply love this place. The sea, the camp, the restaurant, everything is great and my sister absolutely loves dancing. She dances the nights away at the Aquapark. I think we will come back to Mali Lošinj next year." - J. V., Slovenia
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