Statistics show that one out ten European tourists are interested in a holiday without the burden of clothes, that is a naturism holiday or FKK (Frei Körper Kultur). And what does this have to do with naturism in Croatia? Well, one of the definitions of naturism is blending in with nature and there is no better place for this than Croatia with its Adriatic coast and islands!

The home of naturist camping - camping without limits

The beginnings of naturism in Croatia are associated with the English monarch King Edward III, his wife and the year 1934. The king and his wife decided to swim naked in Kandarola Bay on the island of Rab without knowing they would start a new trend. Ever since that time, naturism in Croatia has been growing more and more popular across the Adriatic coast, from Istria and the islands to Dubrovnik, while naturist beaches have been opening one by one.

In the mid-1960s, people in Croatia realized naturism was a growing industry and began to establish the first naturist associations and engage in active promotion of naturism in printed media and through conferences, etc. Since that time, and with almost 90 years of tradition behind it, Croatia has developed into one of the most desirable naturist camping destinations in Europe and now has the third largest capacity in naturism campsites in Europe. Perhaps this is why naturism camping in Croatia has been present for so long – naturists feel comfortable in Croatia and the locals are very tolerant.

World class naturist camping facilities

Naturist camps in Croatia maintain a very high level of quality and provide anything a guest may need, including comfortable accommodation, good service, various sporting facilities and entertainment, friendly people and a high level of hygiene, which is the most important benefit to many naturist campers.

You will find over 30 official naturist campsites, apartments, resorts and other types of accommodation for naturists with beaches in Croatia. Many beaches in Croatia intended for “textile visitors” also have separate areas for naturists and there are also many free beaches that are not official, but naturists know about them. In addition to camps and tourist resorts, the Adriatic coast, which is very jagged with its 1244 islands, islets and reefs, is waiting for you to discover the many isolated beaches and bays where you can truly become one with nature. The important thing is that no one will bother you wherever you choose to swim naked.

Ideal naturist campsites in Croatia

Our Camp Baldarin received its first naturists in 1969 and has been in non-stop operation ever since. It has now developed into one of the best naturist campsites in Croatia.
There are three types of naturist camps in Croatia:
  • Combined camps; they include our Camp Baldarin on the island of Cres!
  • Textile camps with naturist beaches; they include our camp Slatina 
  • Naturist camps for naturists only
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