Camps in Croatia have been acknowledged to be superior quality holiday destinations since the start of camping tourism in Europe. Although it used to take more than a day’s ride to get here, Croatia has always been an attractive camping destination. Today, thanks to high quality and continuous infrastructure development in the Croatian camping sector, a favorable geographic position and a wealth of beautiful and natural landscapes, camping in Croatia has never been more attractive, affordable and available to European tourists.

A camp for everyone

Croatian camps, some 560 of them, provide a wide choice of options for everyone – from small family camps where camping with children is positively encouraged through to large camping resorts with all the facilities you would expect to find in a small town. Those who prefer peace and quiet will find camps tucked away far from urban centers, where a guest’s desire for privacy is always respected, whilst if you prefer the hustle and bustle of a lively tourist centre, the larger Croatian camps will more than offer what you want.

Naturist camping (FKK) enthusiasts have a wide range of camps catering to their needs, from naturist only camps, through to part naturist and part clothed (textile) camps, whilst environmentally aware holiday-makers will appreciate the efforts that Croatia has made towards eco-friendly camping.

A long and affordable Croatian camping tradition

The camping tradition in Croatia exceeds 50 years and during that time Croatia has developed into a destination with a distinctive quality and style whilst retaining the country's beautiful natural landscapes. Croatian camps have always kept up with modern European camping trends and innovation, whilst ensuring that camping holiday prices are now more affordable than those offered in most other Mediterranean destinations.

Camps in Croatia are now better equipped and more luxurious than ever and the country's camping industry is still developing. Contrary to popular opinion, camping is not merely about sleeping in tents or sleeping bags. This has been gradually changing thanks to the development of modern and superbly equipped camps, both worldwide and in Croatia with camping holidays now available in luxury apartments, bungalows and mobile homes right by the sea.

Internationally recognised and award winning campsites

Every year, ADAC, the German Automobile Association, publishes its internationally recognised camping guide, the ADAC Campingfuehrer, in which it evaluates and scores around 5,400 campsites throughout Europe, including on average (over the years) more than 105 campsites from Croatia.

The LeadingCamping website lists 38 top class Campsites in 11 European countries, 4 of which are in Croatia including our own Camp Čikat.

ADAC's most prestigous award is known as the Superplatz. In 2020 134 European campsites received the Superplatz, of which 13 were from Croatia, no mean achievement given the size of the country relative to its European counterparts. Many moreCroatian campsites have been recognized for outstanding sanitary facilities and camping plots. These numbers change each year depending on inspections by ADAC inspectors.

All the facilities and activities you could want

Modern-day camps offer many supporting facilities such as swimming pools, courts for many sports, arenas, riding, sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and waterskiing schools, etc. – something to suit everyone’s preference. Both young and old are sure to find something interesting to do in a Croatian campsite. Culture enthusiasts can take advantage of many musical and theatrical events and festivals, a variety of exhibitions and a host of historic monuments and buildings to visit. And thats not to mention the many excursions and tours to some of the 8 Croatian national parks.

Camping in Croatia… by the sea, on an island, on the mainland… you choose!

Island camping presents a very interesting segment in the Croatian camping tourism experience. Croatia has a total of 1244 islands and camping on an island is a very special experience offering as it does the chance to live for a while surrounded by beautifully preserved and natural surrounding and the chance to visit peaceful, isolated and rarely explored areas of the country.

Many visitors have discovered countless magnificent bays and beaches all along the Adriatic coast, from Istria to Dubrovnik, whilst on their camping holiday. Many of these beaches fly a Blue Flag (the international environmental award for sea and beach cleanliness). As many as 98 percent of them can be found within Croatian campsites, which speaks volumes about the camps’ efforts to look after their guests, all aimed at providing them with a great holiday accompanied by beautiful seas and magnificent beaches to round off the camping experience. One question that often gets asked is: 'Can I pitch a tent on a beach?' The answer unfortunately is no, beach camping in Croatia is not officially allowed, but as most campsites are located on or close to a beach you will probably find that your tent can be as close as 5 metres to the beach!

If you like preserved natural surroundings, a mild Mediterranean climate with plenty of sun and wonderful clean seas then a Croatian camping holiday is the ideal choice.

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