Weather and climate in Losinj

It is safe to say that Lošinj developed its tourist image thanks to Professor Ambroz Haračić. In 1880, he started his systematic meteorological observations and this date was a green light to all subsequent initiatives in tourism. At the time of these observations, a temperature amplitude was determined, ranging from the lowest values in January (7.3 °C) to the highest in July (24.4 °C). Winter temperatures are pleasant so the island of Lošinj is suitable for visits all year. With over 2500 sunny hours a year, Lošinj is one of the rare places in Europe with so many sunshine hours.

Climate beneficial for respiratory illnesses

In 1885, Dr. Conrad Clar came to the island with his sick son. The boy fully recovered after only three weeks. This gave Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj a public image of destinations with climatic conditions suitable for treatment of respiratory diseases.

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Thanks to all this, Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj were pronounced climate resorts in 1892 and that is when the tourist development of Lošinj began.

The second sunniest location in Croatia

The island of Lošinj has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and summers that are not too hot. It is far enough from the mainland for the effect of the sea to be dominant. The sea cools the land in summertime, so temperatures rarely exceed 30 °C, and warms it in wintertime, so temperatures below 0 °C are very seldom. With 2580 sunny hours, Lošinj is among the sunniest destinations in Europe and this is a very important factor to tourists when choosing their destination. The average summer temperature is 24 °C and 7 °C in winter. In summertime, the sea is at a pleasant 23 °C, perfect to cool you in hot summer days. Most frequent winds include bora, sirocco and the north wind mistral provides the necessary refreshment in afternoon heats.

Of course, you will not come to Lošinj purely for medical reasons – Lošinj has plenty to offer to its guests. However, you will certainly enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate and will feel you are breathing more easily and comfortably after only a few days. Thanks to the beneficial climate, camping on Lošinj is possible all year. As the island of Lošinj is the second sunniest location in Croatia, our camp guests are guaranteed nice weather.

Mean monthly sea temperature (°C), Mali Lošinj

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Mean monthly  12.3 11.8 12.1 14.0 16.6 20.5 23.2 23.6 21.6 19.2 16.3 13.9 17.0

Monthly air temperatures (°C), Mali Lošinj

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Mean monthly 8.0 8.4 10.2 14.5 18.8 22.7 22.0 24.4 20.4 16.5 12.8 9.2 15.7