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Respiratory rehabilitation program in campsite Čikat

If you have problems breathing then Čikat's idyllic location, far away from crowded cities and towns, can be beneficial for your health and allow you to breathe more easily. In fact, a 2 to 3 week visit on Losinj at least once a year can result in long-term control of chronic lung and respiratory diseases with long periods without recurrence and with less complications in winter.

Do you have problems breathing? Do you suffer from asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)?

If you do suffer from one of these diseases, then you are not alone. These days many people suffer from chronic diseases of the respiratory tract caused by stress and increased air pollution.

Come to the island of Lošinj and breathe again properly!! Join a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program from 2014.

Thanks to the mild temperatures off season you can enjoy the proven health benefits of the island's climate throughout the whole year. Lošinj’s climate can not only revive the soul but also the body.

This can be substantiated by a few facts:

  1. In 1892 the island was officially declared a natural climatic health resort by the Austro – Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph
  2. Spirometry tests carried out in camp Cikat have proven that a stay of 11 days on the island can expand lung capacity (FVC) and exhaust in 1 second (PEF) 
  3. The island has a mild Mediterranean climate, with an average of 2631 hours of sunshine a year
  4. Air quality on the island is rated first-class
  5. The island's marine aerosol contains many particles of salt and is scientifically proven to be beneficial for bronchial and respiratory problems
  6. Lošinj's natural pine forests and plants not only contribute to the island's appearance but they also positively affect the microclimate and quality of the aerosol.
  7. The 256 types of algae found in the waters around Losinj further contribute to creating a climate beneficial to respiratory health problems.

In book "HEALING ISLAND OF LOŠINJ" Health Tourism and Natural Healing Factors of the Island of Lošinj (PDF 4,73 MB) you can read more about healing factors of island of Lošinj.

Because the number of people suffering from respiratory diseases has increased so much, health tourism in Europe has become very popular, particularly within campsites. As a result, Camp Čikat, a member of the Jadranka Group, and in cooperation with the Croatian Pulmonary Society, has developed a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program available to guests of the camp. *NOTE: The program itself is performed at the hotel Punta approximately 5 km from Camp Čikat.

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program has been developed in conjunction with the Croatian Pulmonary Society and in accordance with scientifically based clinical and diagnostics methods. These have been combined with the natural healing remedies found on the island as well as it's medicinal aerosol supported by the fact that Lošinj has been a natural health resort for over 100 years.

What our guests think about the programme

Since starting the programme in 2016 many guests at Camp Cikat have experienced the benefits of Losinj’s climate and the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme. Below are some comments about their experiences:

  • "Since the age of 6, my 10 year old son has suffered from a combination of bronchitis, food allergies and asthma. He has needed regular medication and additional doses of oxygen to breathe properly. But not in Losinj! We spend 2 months each summer in Camp Cikat and his breathing gets better and easier without major difficulties. He now no longer needs medicine ..."
  • "Our physician recommended Losinj's climate as a way of helping my sons bronchitis and breathing problems. We go to the Čikat camp whenever we can ... each time we arrive, he has serious coughing spells, but after a few days, his lungs clear up and his coughing stops. I would recommend Lošinj to everyone with breathing difficulties."
  • "I have been visiting Losinj for 40 years ... my physician always recommends that I spend as much of my vacation here as possible ... the discomfort I feel (with my breathing) diminishes when I vacation in Lošinj."

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More information and pricing

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