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q/ Hi we are from Denmark. Which ferry is the easiest to go Mali losinj with car to and what is the ferry address? Best regards Katrine pedersen

KDP, 05.07.2017


We reccommend that you take the Valbiska - Merag ferry to come to island of Lošinj. Valbiska is at island of Krk, which you access by bridge. There is no adress for the ferry port, just write ferry Valbiska. Or if you need it for you navigation just put in the final location adress and it will take you over to the island, it will offer you two ferry routes, one is Porozina - Brestova and other is Valbiska - Merag. Just choose the second one. You can find more info here also.

Admin, 06.07.2017

q/ Hi! We come to Cres this summer, arriving 5th of July. We wonder if it is possible to get from Cres to Italy by ferry? We will leave again 12th of July.We are a family with 3 children and two adults. Thank you in advance!

CT, 16.04.2016


For now only way to arrive from islands Cres & Lošinj to Italy is with a hydroplane. Line is Mali - Lošinj - Ancona, see more here

Last year there were lines from Mali Lošinj to Venice, but we can't confirm that for 2016.

Admin, 18.04.2016

q/ we are a family from Denmark who mabye wants to wisit one of your camping sites. are there by any chance swimming pool on one of them? Best regards Bjarne Jensen

, 09.04.2016


In campsite Čikat we have Aquapark Čikat.

Admin, 11.04.2016

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