Pets often become part of the family; when you get to love them so much, you want to take them on holiday with you and they become full members of your family. It’s natural that your dog goes with you wherever you go.

Dog trainer - free of charge

Campsite Slatina now offers dog training free of charge to campsite guests, available from June to September. More information can be found on the Slatina website

Apart from camp Slatina, the dog trainer is also available twice a week in camps Baldarin & Čikat during the high season.

A holiday with every single family member

If you have a dog, you don’t want to leave it at home, you want to take it on your holiday with you so they can feel free, and this can be a pleasant experience for them as well as for you.

If you take your pet on holiday with you, you have one less care to worry about than if you leave it with your neighbours or relatives. Dogs often contribute to social contact – so why not take advantage of this to make new friends. All pets are welcome in the Jadranka Group of camps (Slatina, Baldarin, Bijar, Čikat). Our motto is ‘Provide a Pleasant Stay for the Whole Family’.

The ‘Camping cum cane®’ project (Camping with dogs)

As a result of many problems with ill informed and sometimes reckless dog owners in Germany and other European countries, a trend toward non-acceptance of dogs has in some cases develeloped. In 2007, our Camp Slatina implemented the ‘Camping cum cane®’ (‘Camping with Dogs’) project, which makes it an ideal campsite for you and your pet. The project was implemented to provide a more pleasant holiday for dog owners without disturbing other camp guests. There are separate beaches for dogs, showers for dogs, feces bags, dog signage across the camp, areas for free running, a dog walking area ... everything you need to enjoy Adriatic camping with your pet.

 The project is also available in camps Bijar, Baldarin and Čikat, though not all of the facilities available in camp Slatina have yet been implemented in these other three campsites.

Camping with dogs is certainly fun and the islands of Cres and Lošinj are an ideal opportunity for long walks with your pet. After a long walk on tracks running along the shore, it is a real pleasure to dip your feet into the beautiful Adriatic and play with your dog. Is there anything nicer?

A stress free camping holiday for dog owners and non-dog owners

To enjoy a stress-free holiday in our dog-friendly camps, whether you have a dog or not, we have developed a new infrastructure and introduced some rules for dog owners as follows:
  • All dogs registered in the camp must wear an identification tag
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash on roads, tracks, on the beach or in a camping space. Keeping a dog on a leash is legally required on the islands of Cres & Lošinj
  • Swimming with dogs is only allowed in the designated zones
  • There are designated zones for dogs to use as their toilets. The animal owner must scoop dog faeces and dispose of them in the appropriate containers
  • Night quiet time is 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and also applies to dogs. Prolonged barking during the night is not desirable
  • In case these rules are violated, a finewill be charged by the campsite. Serious offences or repeated violations will result in expulsion from the camp

If a dog disturbs you in any way or even endangers you, or if you notice that the above rules are not complied with, we urge guests to report their observations to reception or to the supervisor.

By following the above rules and in conjunction with the ‘Camping with Dogs (Camping cum cane®)’ project that we have developed, we aim to ensure that your stay at our camps is a pleasant and enjoyable holiday experience.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation on behalf of all our guests, human and animal!

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