In addition to the ‘’main’’ islands of Cres and Lošinj, the waters around them contain a number of small islands and islets worth visiting. This is exactly what makes this archipelago unique and attractive, especially for an Adriatic camping holiday. If you choose one of these excursions, you will surely be delighted with the diversity of the island and see the real beauty of the indented Adriatic coast. Organized boat excursions leaving from the town of Cres are an ideal opportunity for such visits.

An excursion from Cres island to suit everyone

The numerous excursions are normally daylong, with departure is in the morning and return in the afternoon, including lunch on the boat in the meantime. One of the most attractive boat excursions on Cres is the visit to the Blue Cave creating a wonderful atmosphere with turquoise sea in almost looking like a game of light and water. Those who prefer swimming and diving in addition to sailing can find scuba diving centers offering explorations of underwater shipwrecks.

There are also other excursions - for example, a visit the labyrinths on Tramuntana or a visit to the town of Cres, a historic town with a touch of Venice. Visit Osor, the oldest town on both islands, which also connects them, and its numerous monuments for which it is referred to as a museum town. You can also choose the picturesque villages of Beli and Lubenice, climb Osorščica or take a bike ride across the entire island.

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Our Camps Slatina, Bijar and Baldarin are excellent starting points for excursions to the surrounding area. All information about excursions is available at our camp receptions.
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