Introducing new environmental measures


Since 2015 the campsite Baldarin owns an ECOCAMPING certificate and is also the proud winner of the ECOCAMPING award. Ecocamping is one of the most respectable European associations dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development, environmental protection, safety and quality in the camping industry. 

The Ecocamping project started in 2000 with a survey amongst campers. Its goal is to offer a complete overview of environmental protection at campsites. Overall there are 225 campsites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia that are partners of ECOCAMPING. 

Satisfied guests, natural landscapes and a continuous success are of the utmost importance! That is why we aim to promote and improve environmental protection and nature preservation. 

In accordance with the principles of Ecocamping, the campsite Baldarin has decided to implement the following for the season 2019:
  •  single-use plastic products (cutlery, plates, glasses, straws; plastic bags will be replaced by cloth and paper bags) will be removed from stores
  • fruit and vegetables in plastic packaging will not be part of the assortment
  • bio-corner with vegan and gluten-free products
  • island-corner with local island products (marmalade, honey, oil, sheep sausages for barbecues, lamb pâté, island cured sheep sausage)
  • removal of wet wipes from stores
  • seminars and workshops as part of animation programs for our youngest guests on the importance of waste sorting
  • environmental cleanups
  • sky observation sessions per telescopes and the reduction of light pollution at the campsite (minimize lighting)
  • planting plants depending on the season
The management of the campsite Baldarin has decided to introduce these concrete measures even before the new legal provisions concerning the ban of single-use plastic products come into force, because we want to act right away in order to preserve the pristine nature and environment of our campsite for all future generations that will stay here. 

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