Camping with Dogs Project at Camp Baldarin


Camp Baldarin is entering the 2019 tourist season with another project that will expand its range of guest services. After the last year's test phase, the management of Camp Baldarin has decided this year to fully implement the project ‘Camping Cum Cane’ – Camping with Dogs.

Camp Baldarin has thus become the third campsite of the Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. group where the project will be implemented, after Camp Slatina where it has been successfully been operating  since 2008, and Camp Čikat where it was launched in 2018. Dogs are also welcome at Camp Bijar, the group’s fourth camp, but the project has not been fully implemented there.

The camping with dogs project has  won an award from ADAC (the German automobile club with a special camping section), namely the prestigious ADAC Camping Award for introducing innovations to the camping sector in 2008, that is, the first year when the project was  implemented. The project was conceived, in cooperation with Camp Slatina, by Prof. Ekard Lind from Austria. Further information is available here ».

The project aims to provide a pleasant cohabitation of dogs and their owners with other guests of the campsite, and organize it as best as possible.

As part of the project, all guests on their arrival receive informational material to let them know about the project. The campsite has specific rules implemented that dog owners and their four-legged pets must respect. Furthermore, the campsite also has a full infrastructure for dogs – labels, beach access and swimming zones for dogs, a dog walkway, a fenced area for exercising the dogs, with equipment in the shade of holm oak trees, an area for dog care and hygiene – showers, and dog waste trash cans. The greatest benefit of the project is probably the licensed dog trainer, available for both group and individual training classes. The trainer’s services are completely free, with training classes held several times a week.

If you are vacationing with your pet, then Camp Baldarin and the group’s other campsites are the perfect camping destinations for you!

Visit us and we will give you and your pets an unforgettable experience!

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