Investments into service improvements for 2018


By investing into 30 new type C mobile homes, 20 new luxury Feedhome mobile homes and building Superior pitches at the Čikat and Slatina campsites, the development of the brand Camping Cres & Lošinj, of the company Jadranka kampovi d.o.o., continues into 2018.

The company Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. manages 4 campsites on the islands of Cres and Lošinj: Camp Slatina, Camp Bijar and the Naturist Camp Baldarin on Cres Island, and Camp Čikat on Lošinj Island. 

Every year, Camping Cres & Lošinj invests into improving the camping conditions so as to provide the best for the vacation of its guests. In order to improve the comfort of camping to a new, higher level at the Camp Čikat, it invested in 2017 into setting up 30 new type C mobile homes and 4 new luxury Freedhome mobile homes, of the Italian company Crippa. The new mobile homes are comfortable and practical with a modern and functional design dominated by light colors and large glass surfaces. They are situated in one of the best bays of Lošinj Island, at just a few meters from the seafront, and have a spacious terrace from which you can enjoy the sound of waves and the unforgettable sunsets.

Furthermore, 71 Superior pitches were built in 2017 in the Camp Čikat, with electricity and water connections as well as cable TV.  

At the Camp Slatina, 62 new Premium pitches with electricity and water connections and Sat TV were set up. 

At the Naturist Camp Baldarin, 21 new Superior pitches with electricity and water connections and Sat TV were also built. Besides pitches, an area with infrastructure for 8 glamping tents was also constructed. Three different types of tents (Premium Glamping tent, Glamping tent and Bell tent), of which some have rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, while others just have cots, were set up. All tents have their own terrace.

As quality requires continual investments, works are planned for 2018 as well

At the Camp Čikat, 30 new type C mobile homes and 20 new luxury Freedhome mobile homes will be set up. The mobile homes will be arranged in the vicinity of the ones set up in 2017, as a continuation of the first stage of works. 

Besides the new mobile homes at the Camp Čikat, 60 new Superior pitches with electricity and water connections and cable TV will be built. By constructing the pitches, the campsite will get a better layout, infrastructure and irrigation.

One of the key factors of modern camping in Europe, and in Croatia as well, is certainly the maintenance of sanitary facilities. In order to improve the quality level and the amenities guests enjoy at the campsite, the existing sanitary facility no. 3 will also be renovated. Taking into account the demands of the guests for better maintenance and cleanliness of sanitary facilities, and the obsolescence of the facilities, it was decided to invest into the renovation. The newly built sanitary facilities will satisfy the minimum technical and sanitary conditions of the 5-star category, according to the criteria of the German ADAC (General German Automobile Club). 

Camp Baldarin has always been known as a campsite with pristine nature. In order to retain such a reputation, the company has invested into the phase 2 of wastewater treatment technology.

At the Camp Slatina, 60 Superior pitches with electricity and water connections and Sat TV will be built.

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