Naturist's review of Camping Baldarin


'If there is a heaven for nudists it might as well be this place ... we could have stayed there for weeks. Even months.'

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That's the verdict of Nick and Lins, a Belgian naturist couple in their early 30's who spent a few days camping with us this summer. Aside from being keen naturists, the couple publish a very informative and entertaining blog chronicling their passion for naturism as well as for travelling around the world, and, following their visit they have written about their stay here at Baldarin.

Nick and Lins drove to Cres (via a ferry of course) and ended up staying in one of our Glamping tents for a couple of nights, an experience which they certainly appear to have enjoyed. Particularly enjoyable was the opportunity to get up from a real bed (which come as standard in our Glamping tents) in the morning and be able to stroll outside naked, only to be greeted by a view of the Adriatic. We agree, who wouldn't love to be able to do that?  They also decided to try out a more traditional camping experience using their own tent - guess which experience they enjoyed the most!

During their stay they explored the campsite quite thoroughly and we're very grateful for their very positive comments about the level of service they received from the camp's staff as well as their observations about the spotless sanitary facilities available throughout the campsite.

If  you'd like to read the full review about Nick And Lins experience at Naturist Camping Baldarin then you can read it here.  And if you decide you might want to visit us also, then find out more about our range of camping accommodation options.


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