The new camp interactive map: modernizing camping holiday bookings

Camping Cres & Lošinj now offers its guests a user-friendly solutions when it comes to choosing their  perfect vacation accommodation!

Brand Camping Cres & Lošinj, part of the Jadranka Group, is pleased to present the latest innovation in its business and in its industry: a new camps interactive map of accommodation units offering potential guests the option to specify the EXACT pitch, mobile home or glamping tent they want to book - online and instantly! 


The Camping Cres & Lošinj brand is one of the few, if not the only, brand that has a predetermined number of accommodation units (camping pitches/mobile homes/glamping tents) for each reservation.

Today's guests have increasingly high demands and seek more precise information when choosing their accommodation during the holiday booking process, especially those guests who are looking for partitioned camping pitches. The reason for this is that, depending on the type of camper, camping trailer, and other vehicles on the market, the size of the vehicle itself can be a limiting factor when choosing a pitch. However, guests who wish to stay in mobile homes or glamping tents are not exceptions - the location and view from the mobile home or glamping tent are also important factors in their choice.


This new map was not created by chance, but as a result of a long-standing desire, research, and planning to better automate the accommodation reservation process, as well as to provide accurate information about available accommodation capacities. In addition, the map is user-friendly and easy to navigate, regardless of whether the user is already familiar with the campsite or is planning to visit it for the first time.

The new interactive map of the campsite is created as an upgrade to the existing map, with new designs, solutions, and functionalities that provide users with an even better experience in planning and staying in the campsite. The map is primarily designed for easy and fast accommodation reservation, allowing guests to choose their ideal accommodation according to their wishes and needs.

Users selects criteria such as the type of accommodation, the number of people, and the period of stay. The user is then shown availability for the requested period. By clicking on any accommodation unit, a card with a detailed description of each accommodation unit, along with photos, 360-degree photos, and other important information such as the size of the pitch, the amount of sun exposure (shaded, half-shaded or sunny location), and available connections, is then displayed. In this way, every potential guest can easily check whether that accommodation unit is suitable for their vacation. When the user decides which accommodation unit is best for them, they can book it directly through the online booking system. The system is simple and fast, reducing correspondence during the reservation process and increasing guest satisfaction as they already know the exact number of their accommodation unit upon arrival at the campsite.

In addition, our interactive map allows guests to easily locate all the facilities they may need during their stay, such as restaurants, shops, restrooms, the Aquapark, reception, and entertainment areas. By clicking on each object or point of interest, visitors receive detailed information, including opening hours, contact details, and more.

All these new functionalities of the interactive map provide guests with not only more options but also greater practicality and comfort during their camping vacation. In short, the map saves time for  users and offers a pleasant and unique experience while planning their trip and during their stay in the campsite.


In addition to the aforementioned functionalities and benefits for our guests, the interactive map project is based on nature preservation and sustainability. Unlike many other campsites, all Camping Cres & Lošinj brand campsites are located in the midst of dense Mediterranean forests, and during the planning and construction of new camping pitches, maximum care has been taken to preserve the original trees (as evidenced by the ADAC award given to the Čikat campsite in 2019 for the Safe Camping project). Due to the specific terrain, many partitioned camping pitches have trees, and the first version of the map was based on photographing each camping pitch. Over time, the map has been upgraded, and today we have a new dimension of the interactive map.

Since the beginning of Jadranka turizam d.o.o. (and its predecessors), nature preservation has been woven into the company's mission and vision.

Booking your vacation has never been easier. Try our new interactive map, find the best solution for your dream vacation, and book quickly and easily! Slatina Čikat Bijar Baldarin

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