Numerous awards for Jadranka Group campsites

The Jadranka Group campsites have once again marked the end of another successful business year in a now-traditional fashion, with numerous awards won at the 17th Congress of the Croatian Camping Union held from November 14 to 16 in Vodice. 

We are particularly delighted that our efforts, continuous investments, and innovations successfully implemented in our business systems have been recognized once again by both our guests and the industry.


Among the most prestigious awards received this year, the Inova Camp award stands out, which we received for the interactive map project. This project represents a revolution in digitalization, providing simple and user-friendly solutions that streamline the camping vacation reservation process.

This new map did not come about by chance; rather, it is the result of a long-standing desire, research, and planning to better automate the accommodation reservation process and provide precise information about available accommodation capacities. Additionally, the map is designed to be user-friendly for both those familiar with the campsite and those planning to visit.

The new interactive campsite map is created as an upgrade to the existing map, featuring a new design, solutions, and functionalities that enhance users' planning and camping experience. Primarily intended for the quick and easy reservation of accommodation, the map allows guests to choose their ideal accommodation according to their preferences and needs. Beyond these functionalities and benefits for our guests, the interactive map project is built on principles of nature preservation and sustainability.

Due to the specific terrain features with many parceled camping pitches containing trees, the first version of the map was created by photographing each individual camping pitch. Over time, the map has been continuously upgraded, and today, we have a new dimension to our interactive map.

We take great pride in the Inova Camp award, as it is the result of long-term planning and the development of the project using our own resources, with the involvement of our small marketing and sales team, as well as partners who supported us in the project development process, such as 3M, Istratech, and Phobs.

In addition to the Inova Camp award, the campsites Baldarin, Slatina, and Čikat have been ranked among the Best Campsites in Croatia for the year 2024 by the Croatian Camping Union. This is once again confirmation of a successful season, continuous investments, and a high-quality camping offer.

Apart from these recognitions, the campsites Čikat and Baldarin have also received individual awards from the Slovenian camping web portal This portal organizes the selection of the best campsite in Croatia and Slovenia - Naj kamp Adria, and has done so for the thirteenth consecutive year. In this selection, numerous campers vote throughout the season for the best campsites.

The Čikat campsite, a member of the Leading Camping of Europe group and a long-standing recipient of the ADAC Superplatz award for service quality, has won the first prize in the category of large campsites in the Kvarner region. This achievement reaffirms its status as a favorite destination for guests from Slovenia, as evidenced by the highest number of overnight stays among all destinations on the Adriatic for the second consecutive year.

In addition to the Čikat campsite, in the category of naturist campsites in Croatia, the Baldarin campsite has also been awarded based on guest voting, securing the first place for the first time. Aside from its offerings and service quality, the Baldarin campsite stands out with its unique location and untouched nature, setting it apart from the competition.

These received awards certainly motivate us to strive for excellence, continue developing planned projects and investments, and prepare ourselves as best as possible for the challenges that the 2024 season may bring.

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