New investments in camp infrastructure and accommodation units in 2020


Jadranka turizam Ltd. continued its intensive investment cycle and efforts aimed at ensuring further development of its Camping Cres & Lošinj brand this year as well. We are truly proud to have successfully completed all the investments planned for this year within the relevant deadlines despite the extremely unfavorable conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Just as last year, and as expected, most investments completed in 2020 concerned Camp Čikat, the company's largest facility. 

As of this year, Camp Čikat offers, among other, the following new facilities and amenities:

  • Comfort pitches – developed in the previously non-parceled area in the pine shade between the Glamping tents and sanitary facility no. 7, the new Comfort pitches have ensured added value to the camp, and the infrastructure has once again been significantly improved. The new pitches are equipped with power and water connections, fenced off with greenery, and they are very spacious.
  • Polyvalent multifunctional sport court  – located in the immediate vicinity of the new Comfort area, the new multifunctional sport court has significantly increased the camp's sports activities offer. Based on the comments from last year's guest surveys, indicating dissatisfaction with precisely this segment of the camp's offer, we have decided to make the relevant improvements. The guests can now enjoy playing various sports, including basketball, soccer, tennis and volleyball, at 2 completely new multifunctional sport courts. All camp guests can use the courts free of charge.
  • Camper service and repair station 
  • Dog parkour facility  – In the framework of the Camping Cun Cane (CCC) project , a dog parkour facility with the associated equipment has also been built at Camp Čikat. Our dog training program, which is conducted 2 times a week, now also takes place at the said location. The parkour facility is located in the area behind the Freedhome mobile homes, in the pine shade. Among other, the parkour equipment includes: a slalom set, a tunnel, a seesaw, a long jump area, adjustable-height hurdles, etc.
  • Newly developed parking lot for guests of the Freedhome mobile home complex – In the area behind the Freedhome mobile homes, a new car parking lot has been built for all guests staying at the camp. Each parking space is clearly marked and roofed over by an awning.

At Camp Slatina, the second largest campsite operating under the Camping Cres&Lošinj brand, completely new Superior pitches have been developed this year. These rather large and spacious pitches are located in the vicinity of the Tiha Bay, and are equipped with power and water connections. 

In addition to these investments, it is worth noting that a number of completely new mobile homes intended for camp staff accommodation have been installed at Camp Slatina (13 units) and Camp Baldarin (13 units). Despite their isolated location, Camp Slatina and Camp Baldarin have thus become desirable destinations for seasonal workers, being distinguished precisely by quality working conditions contributed mostly by the quality of accommodation ensured.
All the described investments reflect our efforts directed at improving the conditions at our camping facilities and ensuring the highest level of service to our guests. Despite the current uncertainties in the tourism industry and the coronavirus pandemic, we will strive to successfully complete all the pre-planned investments in the future as well.

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