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q/ Can we (pausal campers at Baldarin) also use the aquapark for free? Kind regards Johan Remmers The Netherlands

JR, 27.02.2015


Only guest of campsite Čikat have free entrance to aquapark.

Admin, 02.03.2015

q/ Hello We are two families who would like to visit your islands this summer. We are looking at camp Bijar or Cikat and we would like to stay at your non-parcelled lots. It is important to us to be able to find plots very close to each other so our children (age 5 years) can play together easily. We travel in two cars with a Family tent and a camplet. We will arrive on 8 of july and stay a week. My question is: 1) can we expect to find two non-parcelled plots close to each other at that time of the year? and 2) on which campsite (Bijar or Cikat) will it be easiest to find two close plots? Kind regards Diana

DJ, 19.02.2015


We are glad that you want to visit our islands. In July it is possible to find two non-plotted places next to each other, I would suggest to visit Čikat because. It will be easier to find places you are looking for and it is more suitable for families with children. Especially as we are now building an aquapark in the campsite for this summer and there are a lot of other activities for them.

Admin, 26.02.2015

q/ if we came over from Krk as foot passengers is it possible to look round some of the Island on foot or is there public transport from the port

WK, 21.01.2015


There is no public transport from the port. You can alwas go on foot, but first place is 15-20 km away.

Admin, 25.01.2015

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