Presentation and launching of the project Camping cum cane at the camp Čikat


Just before the tourist season reaches its peak, the camp Čikat has introduced yet another impressive project to its already diverse offer. After years of success with the Camping cum cane project (CCC , English: camping with dogs) at Camp Slatina, we have decided to include this same project into the offer of the Camp Čikat, starting 2018. 


The project goal is to provide for a pleasant stay for both guests with dogs and those without one, to ensure that all guests and pets get along well during their stay.

It is important to emphasise that the ADAC (German Automobile Club) has also recognized the value of this project and has therefore awarded it the ADAC-Camping-Prize for novelties in the camping sector back in 2008.

As part of the project all guests vacationing with dogs have the following at their disposal: information materials (brochure) about the CCC project upon arrival, maximal safety requirements thanks to the rule obligating owners to keep their dogs on a leash in the entire campsite, complete infrastructure – signs, beach access and access to swimming areas for dogs, hygiene stations – showers, dog waste containers. An additional special option that the participants are offered, is to attend group or individual lessons held by a CCC-licensed trainer, for no additional charge.   


Presentation of the project at the camp Čikat

The presentation of the CCC-project will take place on the 13.07.2018 at 20 h at the camp Čikat, on the terrace next to the shop. We are extremely proud to say that our main speaker will be Ekard Lind, the author of the whole project, who set it in motion back in 2008 at camp Slatina.


Come and join us, we are looking forward to a big turnout!


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