The company Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. successfully carried out investments for the year 2019


The company Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. is continuing to develop its brand Camping Cres & Lošinj through a new investment cycle for this year in the desire to upgrade the service level and quality in each of its four campsites. 

The company invested mostly in the largest campsite in its portfolio – the campsite Čikat. Due to a growing demand for quality and well equipped  sanitary facilities, and after having successfully renovated the sanitary facility No. 3, we decided to invest in the reconstruction and the expansion of two other sanitary facilities No. 5 and 6 in order to significantly improve the quality of one of the most important segments of the camping experience. 

In addition to the renovation of sanitary facilities, this year we also invested in the construction and setting up of (32) new mobile homes type Easy Freedhome and new Superior pitches (Parceled pitches) with access to electricity, water and cable TV. By doing this we upgraded our offer, improved the infrastructure, the image and the functionality of the campsite, and continue to offer a wide range and rich selection of accommodation units. 

Furthermore, particular attention in this year’s investment cycle within the campsite Čikat was paid to additional features and activities in order to provide our guests with a great experience. The restaurant Kredo was completely renovated and will not only have a brand new look, but also a new name – Silver bay. It will also, in addition to its terrace with a breathtaking view, have an indoor hall which is a very important step given the all-year-round tourism and the continuation of the winter tourism program ). Besides the restaurant, another novelty at campsite Čikat is the possibility to rent bicycles, e- bicycles, cars and max scouters and get bicycle maintenance, but visitors can also buy sports equipment and diverse food supplements. This year, guests looking for spiritual and physical relaxation can enjoy the Zen Garden – a place to do yoga, pilates and breathing exercises.

The campsite Čikat continues to invest in ecology and environmental protection by continuing to implement the project Safe camping at campsite Čikat , by keeping track of the state of the forest and of each pine tree, and also by planting new, young pine trees and by organizing their adoption. In 2019 we have planted 150 new pine trees. 

For this year, at campsite Slatina we have increased the number of mobile homes of our partner agency Gebetsroither by 12 units. 

In addition to the multiannual, award-winning program Camping cum cane – Camping with dogs, this year we have decided to introduce another novelty – a dog grooming parlour where our guests can spoil their four legged pets with great care, even while on vacation and far away from home. What’s more, during the whole summer, a veterinarian will come to the campsite every Thursday. 

Another significant infrastructure project in 2019 is the walking trail by the sea which is now fully completed so that campsite guests can enjoy a walk from the Slatina bay all the way to the Tiha bay. Aside from the trail, the campsite now also has a dog beach.

At campsite Baldarin we have decided to start the season of with a full implementation of the project Camping cum Cane – we prepared an area where dogs can run, and a special advantage is our dog trainer who will offer his service twice a week, for free. Some of the most significant infrastructure projects are the paved road from the village Punta Križa to the campsite and the reconstruction of the restaurant Lučica. The mobile sanitary facility 4A will be replaced by a new one, which is also worth mentioning.

In addition to all that has already been mentioned, the campsite Baldarin is making an effort to carry out a number of ecological activities that will confirm its status in the Ecocamping association , and the campsite is also systematically working on environmental preservation and protection
The most important novelty at campsite Baldarin is the fact that all Gebetsroither mobile homes will be replaced by their newer models. 
This year we have also set up weather stations in each camp of the Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. group so that our guests can get weather information, such as air and sea temperature, directly from our campsites, and also get the corresponding live video through our webcams.
All mentioned investments are a reflection of our efforts to improve the camping conditions and offer our guests the best possible vacation and maximal comfort. We would like to thank all our guests for their patience during the period in which all the mentioned work was being done. 

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