Aquapark Čikat Opens its Doors


Aquapark Čikat has opened its doors at 10:00 a.m. today, on July 10, 2015, at the Campsite Čikat in Mali Lošinj. Aquapark Čikat is the first water park to open within the boundaries of a campsite in Croatia, and the first water park ever on the islands of Cres and Lošinj.

Aquapark Čikat is spread over the surface area of 6,312 m2 and has 2,890 m2 of water surface area and 2,742.95 m2 of building floor area.

Swimming pool complex is divided into five areas: 

  1. 25m x 33m large swimming pool, 2 meters deep (a half-olympic size pool where water polo can be played)
  2. Recreational swimming pool, 1.35 meters deep, with hydromassage.  
  3. Recreational swimming pool, 0.50 meters and 0.30 meters deep, with water attractions – two water ramps, a castle in the shape of a sailing ship with other water attractions (a 1800-liter water bowl which pours water over the castle, jets, fountains...) – the pool is intended for children aged 4 to 15 years, and adults as well.
  4. Recreational swimming pool, 1.10 meters deep, with an open water slide and a tube slide, 110 meters long. The slides are entered from a 8-meters-high tower, after which they circle a typical Adriatic lighthouse – the pool is intended for adults looking for some adrenaline fun
  5. Two swimming pools for children, 0.30 meters deep, connected by a water slide. Each of the swimming pools has a life-sized dolphin and turtle which sprinkle water on children. The dolphin and the turtle will be the campsite mascots, named Čiki and Čika.
The company ACTION PARK from Spain, which has designed over 300 water parks all over the world, is responsible for the water attractions. All the water attractions are in accordance with the highest safety standards. Alfonso Ribarrocha, the owner of the company, is also a member of a European Union committee which sets safety standards for swimming pool attractions.
Please note that the swimming pools use only sea water. The whole swimming pool complex is adapted for persons with disabilities, including access, sanitary facilities and swimming pool lifts. 
The reception desk, the control room for maintenance and lifeguards, the men’s and women’s locker rooms and the outside and inside fitness areas are located in the main building. There are many food and beverage options at the main building: the fast food restaurant ŠIŠKA, the terrace bar ŠIŠKA, a snack bar (pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers...) and a wide selection of smoothies, cocktails and ice cream...
The swim-up Pool Bar ŠIŠKA is by the recreational swimming pool. 
Landscaped area under beautiful lighting gives an impression of luxury and relaxation. 

The water park is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The campsite guests have free entry, while outside guests must pay for daily tickets as per the pricelist.
LOW SEASON (from September 16 to closing day)
Children aged 0 - 2,99 years = FREE ENTRY
Children aged 3 - 6,99 years = 40.00 kn
Persons aged over 6,99 years = 70.00 kn
HIGH SEASON (from July 10 to September 15)
Children aged 0 - 2,99 years = FREE ENTRY
Children aged 3 - 6,99 years = 70.00 kn
Persons aged over 6,99 years = 100.00 kn
Both outside guests and campsite guests can also rent the following:
Deck chair = 25.00 kn
Large locker = 25.00  kn
Small locker = 10.00 kn
Since the Campsite Čikat is open all year round as of last year, the large swimming pool has the equipment for enclosing the pool and heating the water and the space around it during winter.

For more information about aquapark visit our Camp Čikat Aqua Park page »

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