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Who should rest on Lošinj, and with it breathe deeply again?

The program is intended for adults and children with mild obstructive breathing disorders; those suffering from asthma; people who work in an industry with a high degree of pollution (for example the oil, metal, construction, wood and chemical industries); people living in cities which have high levels of industrial pollution or are in any way exposed to irritating fumes, smoke or soot at their workplace; people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD); individuals suffering from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), etc.

The goal of the program

The goal of the program is to enable users to rest and rehabilitate in an environment that is beneficial for people with mild obstructive breathing disorders, or people who are healthy but are exposed to environmental pollution as a result of where they live or work and are at a threat of damaging their respiratory system.

How is the program implemented?

Rehabilitation is carried out individually or in groups. The most effective recovery period is from early October to early May. Pulmonary rehabilitation program lasts three weeks, after which it is possible to see the benefits of the program. There is a possibility for a two weeks program, but in that case there is no guarantee for improvement because of a short period of time.

The program is conducted in hotel Punta situated in Veli Lošinj, about 5 km from camp Čikat where accommodation is provided for those attending the program. To find out how to get to Hotel Punta in Veli Losinj click here » 

Health team

Our multidisciplinary team consists of a medical specialist (internist, pediatrician, pulmonologist), nurses, nutritionists and trained physiotherapists - rehabilitator who will support you and motivate during the program, and all that in the great ambient of Vitality Hotel Punta.

What is included in the program?

The pulmonary rehabilitation program includes:
  • initial examination by an internist and pediatrician
  • breathing school and education about disease and nutrition
  • education on breathing techniques with the help of rehabilitation-physiotherapists
  • breathing exercises, stretching of respiratory muscles, draining exercises for better expectoration
  • arm and leg exercises
  • daily walks by the sea
  • final examination by a specialist

The pulmonary rehabilitation program is customized for each patient and the program begins and ends with a clinical examination, spirometry and oximetry by a specialist who evaluates the effectiveness of the pulmonary rehabilitation.

What will attendees learn?

After a patient ends the program, they will be able to use the skills and methods they have learnt on the program on their own. These skills will help them to:

  • facilitate breathing and prolong the calm period without symptoms
  • reduce the frequency of disease exacerbation
  • reduce the consumption of drugs
  • improve tolerance to effort, stamina and resilience
  • improve confidence and help integrate into the community
  • reduce the number of hospital visits and reduce the time spent there
  • create a positive and permanent attitude towards rehabilitation, a necessity for the effective control of chronic illnesses

Physical therapy is focused on breathing and respiratory muscle exercises, and drainage exercises for better expectoration. Patients will learn breathing techniques with the help rehabilitation-physiotherapists in the healing environment of a protected forest park. Every day there will be walks by the sea.

Important informations
It is madatory for all participants of the program to bring their full medical documentation with them. Participants  stay  at camp Čikat, and the program is conducted in hotel Punta in Veli Losinj.

The best arrival periods are the pre-season (March, April, May, June) and post-season (September, October).

After completion of the program participants are advised to continue with the exercises after returning home.
Children under 5 are not allowed to enter the program.

The purpose of pulmonary rehabilitation is to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for people with respiratory problems.

Side effects may occur with:

  1. persons with cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension and heart disease (myocardiopathy, ischaemic heart disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, congenital heart 
  2. persons with respiratory tract infections and other infectious diseases, chronic or acute 
  3. persons with acutisation or exacerbation of lung disease that requires hospitalization
  4. persons with neuromuscular disease that disables implementation of the rehabilitation programme 
  5. stage of acute asthma
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