Renovation work in the Lučica restaurant at campsite Baldarin

We have to inform you that there is renovation work being done at the Lučica restaurant. 

This spring, just before the campsite opening, there was a fire at the restaurant that caused significant material damage. Because of this terrible and unforeseeable event we needed some time to decide what to do with the restaurant. The management of Jadranka kampovi chose to renovate the restaurant already this year so that our guests could get the service quality that they are used to and so that the campsite Baldarin doesn't lose its valuable restaurant. 

We would like to apologize in advance to everyone who will be staying near the Lučica bay, where the construction work will be done, for this unpleasant situation and also thank you for your understanding. The planned deadline for the end of the construction work is the end of June, but delays are possible in case of very bad weather.  

Campsite Baldarin

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