Membran system for water treatment

Nudist camp Baldarin – the first camp on the islands of Cres and Lošinj to have a membran system for water treatment
On the day of the admission of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, the nudist camp Baldarin on the Island of Cres held a small ceremony for the activation of the first water treatment plant on the Islands of the Kvarner-Bay. The camp Baldarin that can take on a total of 1.500 guests has up until now treated its waste waters with so called Immhoff tanks and discharged it into the sea 25 m below the surface. Given the new EU regulations, it was necessary to build a waste water treatment plant. The investment was implemented in two steps.

It took two years to realize the investment, whereby in the first phase construction works were done in the total value of HRK 2,4 mil. (EUR 320.000,00). In the second phase, the building of the plant was equipped with membrane technology for waste water treatment. The way the system works is that all waste water from camp Baldarin is collected and that treated in four separators. The treated coarse substances are then collected in a separate room and disposed of in compliance with the highest standards for this type of waste. In the last section 100 % purified DRINKABLE water is collected, ready for use in the irrigation system, for toilet
The investment for the equipment of the plant amounted to HRK 2,0 mil. (EUR 270.000,00).
For reasons of missing infrastructure (power supply of the plant) power cords were also routed, which cost HRK 1,4 mil. (EUR 190.000).

We are proud to say that with a total value of HRK 5,8 mil. (EUR 780.000,00) this is one of the most valuable single investments in the camps on the Islands of Cres i Lošinj.

The camp Baldarin has for years now (since 2008) held the ISO Certificate 14 001 for environmental protection and 9001 for quality management. The investment for the new membrane plant for waste water treatment has set out the way for the first ECO-Camp on the Islands of Cres and Lošinj, that will provide its guests with all the benefits characteristic for this type of camps.