Frankia meeting held in camping Čikat

Traditional 17th Frankia Campers meeting (meeting of Frankia'a buyers) was held from 26.4. – 29.4.2012. in campsite Čikat in Mali Lošinj – Croatia.
This is the first such meeting which was organized outside the European Union, and was organized in Croatia for the first time.

Frankia GP Ltd. is a german company which manufactures campers. Frankia manufactures campers of a higher price range, so prices of Frankia's campers range from 70 000 to 350 000 €.
In total, 120 campers arrived in campsite Čikat, with 240 people, who attended so far the best organized Frankia meeting.

Ideal weather conditions, beautiful island's nature and excellent organization by Jadranka camping Ltd. – staff of campsite Čikat, are the reason for the prolonged stay of majority of Frankia's campers and its owners.

Guests enjoyed a three-day evening program, which took place in tent of 800 square meters, specially rented for this occasion. Daily activities were complemented with boat excursions to the neighborind island of Susak, and a tour of Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj.

Unique scene was also created by a large amount of campers when crossing by ferry from the island Krk to island of Cres. So far this kind of situation, that a ferry is full with campers, has never happened, until now when ferry was filled with campers.

If the season in the campsites is to judge by the attendance for the holidays, with stable weather conditions, we can expect another successful tourist season.